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Clizia Table Lamp - Battery Powered

Adriano Rachele
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This wireless, rechargeable table lamp takes direct notes from nature, and moves with you to make any moment, inside or out, an enchanting event, whether transforming into a floral lantern gracing meal en plein air, or emitting a soft glow as you wake or soak in an enveloping bath. Perfect as a singular, original, elegant mise en place, or in multiples, choreographed along a vastly dressed table, and fit for professional events, glam weddings, intimate dinners, cafes, and restaurants. The LED circuit is dimmable, allowing you to play with illumination levels to create diverse moods for every situation.

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Size: Ø 27 cm X h.25 cm 
Colours: Mama non mama
Matarials: Lentiflex®/ Cristalflex®
With: USB / DC plug included
Light source: LED: 1.3 W dimmable LED, 150 Lumen 2700 Kelvin
Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer, Cell 3.7 Vdc 2500 mAh Charge 5 Vdc 1 A
Battery duration: at max. intensity around 6,5 hours duration, at min. intensity around 60 hours duration
With: USB/ DC plug included


Adriano Rachele

Born in 1984. After receiving a degree in Industrial Design in 2007, Adriano began his professional career in SLAMP’S Research & Development department, where he continues his...

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For those who are curious…. For those who can’t get enough…. For those who believe in beauty…. For those who carry their home wherever their heart desires….

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