• Cassina Lecorbusier Lc3 Armchair 1
Cassina Lecorbusier Lc3 Armchair Clear
Cassina Lecorbusier Lc3 Armchair Clear1

LC3 Armchair

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  • Product Finishes

    Champ 13F358 42X52

    Fabric - Champ

    Ginkgo MORGON 13F029 42X52

    Fabric - Ginkgo Morgon

    Marocco 13F786 42X52

    Fabric - Marocco

    Ortigia PRUSSIA 13L664 42X52cm

    Fabric - Ortigia Prussia

    Osaka CARBONE 13O046 42X52cm

    Fabric - Osaka Carbone

    Pamir 13O099 42X52

    Fabric - Pamir

    Perbacco 13E447 42X52

    Fabric - Perbacco

    Rox BLU OCEANO 13F869 42X52

    Fabric - Rox Blu Oceano

    Samsara VERDE SOTTOBOSCO 13S003 42X52cm

    Fabric - Samsara Verde Sottobasco

    Savana 13E399 42X52

    Fabric - Savana

    Sutra BIANCO&NERO 13F948 42X52

    Fabric - Sutra Bianco & Nero

    Pelle Extra BIANCO SPORCO 13Y286 42X52cm

    Leather - Pelle extra bianco

    Pelle Naturale Z BLU 13Z309 42X52

    Leather - Pelle Naturale Z Blu

    Pelle Naturale ZZ OCEANO 13Z368 42X52

    Leather - Pelle Naturale ZZ Oceano

    Pelle Scozia GRAFITE 13X606 42X52

    Leather - Scozia Grafite

  • Product Details

The LC3 armchair marked the separation of the metal frame from the upholstery, reflecting Modernist architecture theory, where the support load-bearing structure of the building was separated from the rest. In this case, four discrete cushions are set inside a cage of painted or chrome-finished steel tubes. The same device is adopted for all the other pieces in the collection, from the armchair with an arm-rest on one side only or on both, to the two- or three-seater sofas. Over a period of many years, Cassina worked closely with Charlotte Perriand, her heir, as well as with the Foundation Le Corbusier reinterpreting the original design while respecting its original intent, to bring new versions and finishes of this furniture to market. Among these is the variant dubbed LC3 Outdoor. This has a stainless steel frame, with cushions in a self- draining polyurethane material, making it robust and reliable whatever the weather conditions.


Le Corbusier

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier, was born in 1887 in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in October of 1987.

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Established in 1927 by Cesare and Umberto Cassina in Meda, Italy, Cassina launched industrial design in Italy in the 1950s, based on a totally innovative approach that marked the transition from artisan production to mass production. 

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