875 Armchair
Cassina Parisi 875 Armchair 3
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875 Armchair

Ico Parisi
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Designed by Ico Parisi in 1960 for Cassina, at that time “Figli di Amedeo Cassina”, the 875 is a welcoming and elegant armchair. The author’s typical experimentation has led to a project that is both classic and modern at the same time. Its proportions, with its large seat and comfortable armrests, outline its solemn profile, while the original arched steel supports in different finishes - to which its shell is bound - and the contrast of different materials make it eclectic, innovative and functional in any room of the house. The structure of the armchair, initially padded with foam rubber cut into sharp edges, has now been re-issued with polyurethane foam padding to maintain its linear shape. Both the seat and backrest are upholstered in fabric from the Cassina collections, as are the removable cushions.



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