• Innovation, research, coherence, new materials and flexible solutions have been the key concepts of Agape’s business philosophy since it was established in 1973. 

    The company’s mission is to make the bathroom a more comfortable and aesthetically stimulating space by rethinking conventional typologies. Its various product ranges, components and accessories form an integrated system based on design principles informed by constantly updated research into aesthetics, functions and technology. Agape’s products are ISO 9001 certified and their quality is further confirmed by the many prizes the company has received over the years, namely the various “Design Plus” awards, and by products being shortlisted for the ADI “Premio Compasso d’Oro”.


    • Agape Urquiola Vieques Bath 1
    • Agape Urquiola Vieques Bath Outdoor Insitu10
    • Agape Benedini Narciso Mirror Insitu8

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