• 2497 19 V01 SET 05 AK04
  • 2574 19 V08 SET 05 AK04
  • 2573 19 V07 SET 05 AK04
  • 2575 19 V10 SET 05 AK04 (1)
  • 2570 19 V04 SET 05 AK04
  • 388 14 V07 AK04 02
  • Arrital AK 04 (2)
2574 19 V08 SET 05 AK04
Ak 04 01 Arrital Matisse 1
2568 19 V02 SET 05 AK04

Ak_04 Contract

Franco Driusso
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AK_04 is a modern project that combines modular flexibility, technology and new materials. The doors are made essentially from a patented extruded aluminium frame: lightweight, solid, slim, enhancing the value of the kitchen combined with 4 and 6 mm-thick front panels. Available in a range of exterior finishes.

From Fenix Ntm®, a latest generation material treated using nanotechnological techniques, making the surface extremely compact and waterproof, with a soft-touch and smudge-proof effect, to Corian® and the new wood finishes Rovere Antico and Fiammato, in addition to the existing Rovere Termocotto Tranchè. Moreover, satin-polished extra-clear and tempered glass, numerous glossy, matt and oxidised lacquered colours, a professional door with stainless steel and porcelain grès panel. 

Design Arch. Franco Driusso



For more than 35 years, Arrital has worked in the modern kitchen design sector, increasingly representing the values of modern design, research and the ability to design and...

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