• Aldo Londi (Montelupo Fiorentino, 1911-2003) was a tireless teller of feelings and intuitions. An entire life devoted to art: he was painter, sculptor and most of all a ceramicist. I

    In 1946 Londi started his collaboration with the manufacture Cav. G. Bitossi & Figli. A happy fellowship featuring Londi as main actor for more than fifty years, initially as art director from 1946 until 1976 and then as tireless contributor.

    Londi melted in his works traditional and contemporary art in order to create a modern product. His natural attitude for research made it possible for him to take the challenge of making brave explorations and defining a new language of expression, finding support and motivation in the endless experimentations that he started with the chemical lab of the Colorobbia glaze factory.

    On the other hand his professional skills and artistic sensibility were the extraordinary background to start many collaborations with designers and artists like Ettore Sottsass, Remo Buti, Marco Zanini, Matteo Thun and many more.

Products by Aldo Londi