• Arblu, present on the market since 1996, is an Italian company specialized in bathrooms. Their collections are innovative and attentive to the new dynamics of living.

    Arblu began his entrepreneurial path with Pier Giorgio Presotto in 1996 collaborating to date with his sons Giuseppe, Diada and Giovanni. The 1998 headquarters in Roveredo in Piano in the Province of Pordenone were followed by the transfer in 2003 to the current plant in Fontanafredda (PN) of 12,000 square meters of covered area structured in 8 functional areas: offices, raw materials processing department, assembly, warehouse, department shipping, furniture department, test laboratories and showrooms.
    The mastery in working distant but complementary materials such as glass, wood, aluminum and new compounds of natural resins such as Pietrablu and Tecnoblu are the source of Made in Italy by Arblu.

    Since 1996 the company has been the protagonist of a constant growth in the proposal of increasingly detailed products and services. The shower and bathtub walls that characterized the birth of Arblu in the Italian market in 2006 were joined by multifunction shower cubicles and shower columns.
    2008 is the year of specialization in the production of shower trays which culminated in 2009 with the coordinated integration of all bathroom furnishings. Arblu today represents the Made in Italy solution for the needs of the contemporary bathroom.

Products by Arblu Design