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Arne Sofa

Antonio Citterio
B&B Italia
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Designed to create the setting for leisure activities, Arne stands out for the curved shape that envelops the user. It is an invitation to socialise and share moments together, to converse and watch television shows on a large screen. Perfect in the centre of the room, when placed against the wall it loses none of the sense of comfort and lightness conveyed by the aluminium supports on which both the seat and backrest seem to be suspended.


Antonio Citterio

Since the 1990s at the latest, the successful architect has also been one of the most internationally sought-after designers, as is clear from the portfolio of renowned companies for which he works: world leading design brands such as Vitra and B&B Italia (furniture), Arclinea (kitchens) and Hansgrohe (bathrooms)

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B&B Italia

An extraordinary convergence of design and industry, the expression of a contemporary approach. People, ideas, places, projects and products are what make B&B Italia unique, now...

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