• Arturo Alvarez is a designer, craftsman and artist. He likes to define himself as a creator, a concept that he synthesises all of the above and with which he feels more comfortable and recognised.

    Self-taught, rebellious, always curious, I don’t like to set limits. There are three defining moments in his career. During the early years he explored and worked with figurative concepts, based on nature. In a second period, he moves towards abstraction, exploring simple geometric shapes. It is not a question of abandoning references to nature, appearances or the human body, a theme that he repeats and not that has been investigated for two years. Today Arturo Álvarez develops new forms of expression and language, with light as the central theme of the human being and his relationships as protagonists, with his light and shadow, encounters and disagreements, issues that concern us and the depth of different techniques and materials.

Products by Arturo Alvarez Designer