• Kristalia BCN OUT 1 1088X1280
  • Kristalia BCN OUT 4 1047X1280
  • Kristalia Harrycamila Bcnslidebase Stool Insitu1
  • Kristalia Harrycamila Bcndiscbase Stool Insitu1
  • Kristalia Camila Bcn Barstool Wood Instu2 1200
  • Kristalia Harrycamila Bcnslidebase Stool Insitu2
Kristalia Camila Bcnwood Barstool 1
Kristalia Camila Bcnwood Barstool 2
Kristalia Harrycamila Bcndiscbase Stool1
Kristalia Harrycamila Bcnslidebase Stool1
Kristalia Harrycamila Bcnslidebase Stool3

BCN Barstool

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Research in the field of design is constantly driven by new shapes, technologies and materials. The BCN stool is the result of one of these explorations, carried out in collaboration with the designer Harry-Paul It all started with a shape, an ergonomic and sinuous seat, followed by choosing a technology and a material that are uncommon in the furniture sector: PBT, a plastic that is both strong and flexible.
This led to one of our iconic products, a stool that is now available in various versions: high, medium or low with a slide-frame base, with beech wood legs or with a height-adjustable structure. The seat and the bases are available in a variety of colours.



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