• Established in 1999, Benedini Associati comprises Camilla, Bibi and Giampaolo Benedini. Its major activities concern interior design mostly on projects carried out by Benedini & Partners, as well as design of technical products and decor applied to a range of different fields.

    Since 2013 Camilla decides to continue an independent professional path for the design of commercial and museum installations.

    Giampaolo Benedini, graduated in architecture at the Politecnico of Milano, began his professional activity in 1973. In the same year he is co-founder of Agape, taking the position of CEO until 1990 and art director until 20OO. With a few exceptions, all the products up to 2010 are of his own idea (about 200), continuing later in a less exclusive way. His are the plans for the Governolo and Correggio Micheli offices.

    Angelo Mangiarotti's products in the Agape and Agapecasa catalogue were engineered by the Benedini Associati studio. From 1974 to 1990 he is the art director and designer of all Schirolli production, office factory born in 1888, the on in 1990, the studio took the name Benedini & Partners.

    In 1999, the interior design, fittings and design division took the Benedini Associati name where Bibi Camilla Giampaolo and Maria Camilla Benedini are part of it. Numerous national and international magazines publish their projects, and various awards are won for quality of design.

    Among the architectural projects: in the industrial field, the best known in Campogalliano for Bugatti Automobili, in Noale and Scorze for Aprilia; restoration projects at Corte Castiglioni, Palazzo Siliprandi, Palazzo Andreasi; a long list of building renovations and new buildings for homes and offices; set up of museum and cultural exhibitions in Palazzo Te, Casa del Mantegna and Palazzo Ducale in Mantua.
    Bibi Benedini, from the beginning of the profession and entrepreneurial career of Giampaolo Benedini, covers not only administrative and management roles but she is also a selector of products for interior architecture and researcher of materials, finishes, color combinations and of course comparison in all projects. Thanks to her presence, to the ability to support any emergency in the initial years of Agape and to consolidate the professional development of Benedini Associati and Benedini Partners, she was instrumental in achieving the set goals.

Products by Benedini Associati