• “Design is the connective tissue between people and the world.”

    The culmination of that effort produced the first ergonomic office chair for the North American market, the Ergon Chair manufactured by Herman Miller.

    Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber designed the Embody Chair for Herman Miller. So intelligent, sitting in it actually helps you think. The Embody began with the recognition of a previously unsolved problem: the lack of physical harmony between people and their technology. Spending too much time interacting with our various devices, moving nothing but our fingers, can make us stiff and tired because our bodies are made to move. With Embody, designers Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber set out to solve this problem.

    In the subsequent years, Bill continued to practice design with a research and problem solving emphasis producing a series of disruptive furniture concepts and products. Bill and tenured employee Jeff Weber joined forces and formed Stumpf, Weber + Associates in 1999, and continued to produce a successful run of innovative products.

    Since that time and the sudden death of Bill Stumpf, Jeff and colleagues formed Studio Weber + Associates, which continues to honor the principles and practices established by Bill Stumpf.

Products by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber