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Binaria Stool

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It is one of the most singular pieces of recent years. It is the work of a doctor, Jordi Badía, and industrial designer Otto Canalda. It is not simply a stool, this is a seat with medical prescription. It is specially recommended for all those activities which are undertaken in a seated position but require mobility. There are many of these in the working ambit: from the dentist to the supermarket cashier. The shapes of the seat, which are patented, guarantee the most beneficial position for the back with respect to the legs. At exactly 135º. The shapes have been developed from a meticulous anthropometric study and are characterised by a central division, which makes it natural to separate the legs and so achieve stability for the coxofemoral joint. Binaria is a chair which feels good. It has had time to demonstrate this fact. It first appeared in 2003 in the catalogue of the Oken company, which no longer exists. BD Barcelona Design now includes the chair in its own catalogue with three classic finishes – black, white and red –.

Structure and level in steel with matte polyester powder coating White RAL 1013, red RAL 3002 and black RAL 9005, seat in injected integral polyuretane. Gas piston for height adjustment ( 200mm) in steel metallic finish. Nylon castors with grey rubber cover.

Ø61,5xh.62/82 cm


Jordi Badía & Otto Canalda

Barcelona born Jordi Badía & Otto Canalda are esteemed designers of office and work productions. They are well known for creating the Binaria Stool, in collaboration.

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BD Barcelona

BD Barcelona Design is the Spanish company with the highest international prestige in design. What, in its foundation in 1972 was an expression of almost insolent rebellion by a group of young, unsatisfied architects, soon became a productive philosophy with a mission to break moulds, even commercial ones.

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