• Brand van Egmond creates stunning lighting sculptures, modern lighting & contemporary lights.

    Since 1989, yearly, their atelier introduces several new lighting collections, astonishing and stimulating people through their new designs. Working with some of the best architects and interior designers of the world,  their lighting is found in a variety of spaces: from the most public lobbies, till intimate residences.

    As their lighting sculptures are handmade, their atelier can offer endless possibilities to customize. Allow them to translate your personal wishes into handcrafted reality. Their atelier’s experience and knowledge offers unlimited possibilities. Some of the biggest palaces in the world are lit by them, but also some of the most intimate rooms in private residences. Their lighting graces some of the oldest castles in Europe, but also the latest and most contemporary restaurants.

    Founded in 1989, the atelier was established with the sole intention to create without any restraints. Trained as an architect, William Brand soon evolved into a sculptor. In his hands, the atelier become a leading force in the crafting of lighting sculptures.


Products by Brand van Egmond