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Bbitalia Bellini Camaleonda Sofa Clear4
Bbitalia Bellini Camaleonda Sofa Clear1
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Camaleonda® Sofa

Mario Bellini
B&B Italia
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Camaleonda® exclusive to Matisse. 

In its reissue, Camaleonda® preserves the elements that have made it a contemporary classic. Mario Bellini and B&B Italia reissue faithful to the original project, whose original cutting pattern was used for the new edition, designed by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia. 

An updated design has generous polyurethane padding that forms the characteristic capitonné design remaining unchanged. Manufactured with an innovative system of cables, hooks and rings created by Bellini in 1970, which defines the characteristic look and modularity which today are still as relevant as the day they where designed.

The modules can be unhooked and recombined at will, allowing the sofa to adapt to an evolving taste and the dynamic needs of those using it. The fundamental characteristic of Camaleonda is its unlimited modularity, a geometric pattern that allows each element to become a sort of enormous pixel through which to define your home environment.

By hooking and unhooking seats, backrests and armrests, you can enjoy the luxury of changing your mind as many times as you desire, moving and redesigning the space. A concept which is dear to Mario Bellini:

“Of all the objects I have designed, Camaleonda is perhaps the best in terms of its sense of freedom. There are infinite number of possible configurations.”

The padding has been thoroughly updated by the B&B Italia's Research & Development Centre forming a magical balance between the rigorous geometry of the square and the welcoming roundness of the padding. Further underlining the elasticity and tactile ergonomics that characterise many of Mario Bellini’s design projects.

Camaleonda can be covered with B&B Italia’s entire textile and leather collection, allowing for another variable in the multitude of possible combinations. Camaleonda is a dynamic, alive and sincere object, not at all enigmatic, that allows for an infinite number of configurations while still maintaining its peculiar and unique identity.


Mario Bellini

Mario Bellini is an architect and designer internationally renowned. He received the Golden Compass Award eight times and 25 of his works are in the permanent design collection...

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B&B Italia

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