• With the right lighting, you can make a building speak. Delta Light designs, develops and produces quality lighting that finishes architecture’s sentences. 

    Light and architecture are like a good couple: they highlight each other’s strengths and make sure they show each other off in their best light. Delta Light's refined signature designs create that extra class, style and atmosphere: Lighting that brings a space —and people— together.

    Delta Light makes lighting that turns your quality of life up a notch. Whatever your style, the Delta Light collection has something for everyone: there are 660 product categories with thousands of different options, and we’re continuously growing and trend-setting: custom profiles, recessed or surface mounted spotlights, eye-catching lighting objects, pendant and wall fixtures for design-conscious customers and extensive outdoor lighting options. Each Delta Light product is born at their Belgian headquarter. From design and development, to prototyping and manufacturing, to packaging and storage, it all happens here. This enables Delta Light to take care of all the production processes and the final product fully on their own.


Products by Delta Light