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Dress Bold Walk-In Wardrobe

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Dress bold is a system that creates highly customised walk-in closets with the option of compositions made to order for linear, corner and C-shaped solutions. It offers two aesthetical options: with visible uprights or with wall panels, available in lacquered glass, mirror or wood with backlighting.

The accessories, which can be freely placed along the wall upright by means of a patented expansion fixing system that requires no holes, include: shelves and bases, clothes rods, tilting clothes racks, drawer units, trouser racks and draw-out trays.

The Dress bold system is characterized by the typical 40 mm honey comb core, lacquered wood base shelves and the bases with aluminium continuous frame. The accessories include suspended drawers. It lends itself to different stylistic conceptions thanks to the wide range of finishes including the wengeĠ—, melamine, canaletto walnut and opaque white finishes.

Rimadesio conceives the night area as a series of dynamic spaces, none of which is ever fully “closed” and set apart from the others: light is the key element of Dress bold walk-in closet which is characterized by back-lighted backs.

To create the right wardrobe for you please get in touch with our Matisse sales team. They can provide you with more information on the various options available.




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