• Hermanmiller Eames Rar Armchair Instu1
  • Hermanmiller Eames Rar Armachair Chair Instu 4
  • Hermanmiller Eames Rar Armachair Chair Instu 20
Hermanmiller Eames Rar Armachair Chair 11
Hermanmiller Eames Rar Armachair Chair 12
Hermanmiller Eames Rar Armachair Chair 13
Hermanmiller Eames Rar Armachair Chair 19
Hermanmiller Eames Rar Armachair Chair 21

Eames® RAR Armchair

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  • Colours & Finishes

    HM Charcoal CHL.Tif.Rendition.CHL 700

    Shell Finish - Charcoal

    HM Alpine ZM.Tif.Rendition.ZM 700

    Shell Finish - Alpine

    HM Stone STN.Tif.Rendition.STN 700

    Shell Finish - Stone

    HM Aqua Sky 4T.Tif.Rendition.4T 700

    Shell Finish - Aqua Sky

    HM Black ZA.Tif.Rendition.ZA 700

    Shell Finish - Black

    HM Peacock Blue PBL.Tif.Rendition.PBL 700

    Shell Finish - Peacock Blue

    HM Red Orange ZE.Tif.Rendition.ZE 700

    Shell Finish - Red Orange

    HM White ZF.Tif.Rendition.ZF 700

    Shell Finish - White

    Trivalent Chrome 47.Tif.Rendition.47 1248

    Wire - Trivalent Chrome

    HM Black BK.Tif.Rendition.BK 700

    Wire - Black

    Hm White 91.Tif.Rendition.91 700

    Wire - White

    HM Natural Maple UL.Tif.Rendition.UL 700

    Rocker - Natural Maple

    HM White Ash A2.Tif.Rendition.A2 700

    Rocker - White Ash

    HM Ebony EN.Tif.Rendition.EN 700

    Rocker - Ebony

    HM Walnut OU.Tif.Rendition.OU 700

    Rocker - Walnut

  • Product Details

The one-piece shell of this modern rocking chair is molded in 100 percent recyclable polypropylene, which gives it a soft matte finish as light plays across its shadows and contours. The colorful shell is supported by a wire frame and lovely hardwood rockers.


Charles & Ray Eames

Charles and Ray Eames are among the most important American designers of this century. They are best known for their groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design, industrial design and manufacturing, and the photographic arts.

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Herman Miller

Herman Miller® is a pioneer in the furniture industry, an innovator whose human-centered, problem-solving approach to design has introduced new ways of living and working for over 100 years.

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