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Eames® Tables

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In 1964, the office of Charles and Ray Eames designed a table with a single segmented base, constructed of modular units that could support tops of different lengths and widths. Today, more than 40 years later, Eames tables remain a popular choice for those who appreciate durability and performance, as well as sleek and simple beauty.
The unusually extensive variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes of Eames tables means you can have the kind of table you want. It all results from the ingenious modular base that Charles and Ray Eames designed, which makes for a very versatile line. The design simplicity of Eames segmented-base tables make them strong and durable. A bolt that runs the full length of the steel leg column keeps the segmented base together through years of heavy use. On larger tables, steel spreaders provide stability. Tables assemble easily, for cost efficiency and quick parts replacement. They also disassemble easily, so parts can be recycled after many years of use.


Charles & Ray Eames

“The details are not the details, the details make the product. ” – Charles and Ray Eames.

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Herman Miller

Herman Miller® is a pioneer in the furniture industry, an innovator whose human-centered, problem-solving approach to design introduced new ways of living and working for over 100 years. Environmentally-friendly design, lean manufacturing, ergonomics, the open office, even American modernism itself: Herman Miller and our designers—Gilbert Rohde, George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, Bill Stumpf, Yves Béhar, and many more—have had a hand in shaping it all. And as we continue to live out our commitment to authentic design as a method of change, we’re shaping the new kinds of spaces where people will live and work for years to come.

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