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Elephant Chair
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Elephant Chair

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Elephant Four Legs Indoor & Outdoor

A design chair that combines strength and beauty with practicality and reliability; Elephant, pushes the boundaries of innovation and sets new standards for design and usability. Despite its relatively short lifespan, Elephant has already received international recognition from audiences and critics alike, and was awarded with the “Best of Best Winners of the Interior Innovation Award” in 2012. The outer shell of the chair is, as its name would suggest, inspired by the powerful but smooth back of an elephant. The chair is available in leather, with visible seams, and in a second variant made of polyurethane, with the optional extra of a removable cushion upholstered in fabric.
The shell of the chair is made of polyurethane injection: a durable, lightweight material, that is ideal for use in the home and for businesses. The chair combines an outstanding design, influenced by cutting edge fashion and culture, with practical style and user accessibility, both of which are in hallmarks of Kristalia’s design philosophy. With its innovative structure that utilises modern technology to reinterpret a traditional design, Elephant is a contemporary and revolutionary adaptation of an established classic style. Elephant is a design chair that is about to become a renowned name in the world of furnishings, and is equally suitable for use in the home, and in public places with a large such as restaurants, offices, and bars.

Elephant Wood Base
This is a beautifully designed wooden leg chairmade with solid beech legs with the shell of the chair offered in either leather or plastic. A Scandinavian design, this chair is in keeping with their taste for fresh minimalist shapes and corners, combined with simplicity and colours that both enhance and compliment a room. This is no ordinary chair as well as being functional and with plenty of aesthetic value; it also comes with strong foundations and is extremely durable. The arms and around the back of the backrest comes with a reinforced rib. This means that the chair can take any amount of knocking about; it will stand the test of time. It is comparable to the spine of an elephant, hence the reference to an elephant base. It comes in bright colours that stand out yet at the same time fits in with whatever colour scheme you have going on.

Elephant Slide Base Indoor & Outdoor
Whatever you want out of a chair, it has to be comfortable, and it has to be stylish. The Elephant chair is both, and because it is available in plastic or with upholstered leather, you can choose a design that complements your current decor.Whilst not immediately apparent, the shape and form of this stunning item of furniture resembles the head of an elephant – a feature that gave the chair its unusual name.This chair is designed with a contemporary theme at its heart, but is won’t look out place in any domestic setting.An innovative process of shaping and some special treatments make the leather on this chair thin yet tough. The result is a beautifully contoured seat that is as comfortable as it is stylish. Much of the thickness has been stretched from the chair’s leather, which accentuates the piece’s shape and structural integrity.This eye-catching chair is can be adapted to your home with the addition of some removable cushions. And a choice of fabrics gives you the power to adapt it to suit your own tastes.

Elephant Trestle Base
This Elephant Trestle Base chair is a visual representation of the evolution of office furniture. More than just an office chair, the stylish and elegant design and cool and comfortable leather or practical plastic lining is reminiscent of a modern armchair, remodeled for the world of work. In neutral and fashionable beige, or pristine white, it will fit in with almost any colour scheme and is characterised by the fully swiveling pedestal base. This gorgeous chair will bring a homely yet still elegant feel to the modern office environment

Elephant Rocking Base
Kristalia is always proud to present the cutting edge of Italian design to the public and this rocking chair is very much part of that tradition. It is hard not to see this product as anything other than a potential design classic. Its flowing lines make this an ergonomically sculpted functional rocking chair that make this a pleasing piece of furniture that brings comfort as well as style. The solid beech base makes a gentle rocking movement possible allowing that gentle sensation from times gone by. In addition the body hugging design is constructed in a natural way to ensure a feeling of comfort. The main part is covered in different materials including leather and comes in a variety of colours. With all of the designs offered through Kristalia this piece is designer led and speaks to the desires of patrons to recreate the best of the past and present to create furniture of the future.



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