• Born in Milan, Fabio Novembre was trained as an architect, for which he earned his degree in 1992.

    By 1994, he had opened his own studio in Milan, shortly after in the early 2000s, he became the Art Director at Bisazza. He has also gone on to work with other remowned brands such as Cappellini and Flaminia. His list of publications, exhibitions, lectures and architectural designs is long and impressive. 

    He dedicates himself to projects for public works such as restaurants, dance clubs and shops, both in Italy and abroad; he has gained notoriety through the success of a series of furnishing elements and furniture which are characterized by their unique and provocative design. His iconic use of molded forms and anatomical references are bold and solidifying in his creative abilities. Themed pieces and symbolic objects are a feast for the eyes. 

    "I cut out spaces in the vacuum by blowing air bubbles, and I make gifts of sharpened pins so as to insure I never put on airs.
    My lungs are imbued with the scent of places that I’ve breathed, and when I hyperventilate it’s only so I can remain in apnea for awhile.
    As though I were pollen, I let myself go with the wind, convinced I’m able to seduce everything that surrounds me.
    I want to breathe till I choke.
    I want to love till I die."

Products by Fabio Novembre