• Frederico Palazzari is a renowned Italian designer, now the Managing Director of NEMO.

    Since the late 1990s, he has chosen to work in Asia. He is now Managing Director of NEMO, a leading company in the world of high-end lighting and furniture "Made in Italy". With Nemo Lighting, his wish is to combine tradition and innovation, with a high level of design, which he explains: "Tradition is the basis. If you want to write a book, you have to read the classics. If you have not done this exercise of humility and explored the past, you are going through a difficult time. You have to confront yourself while respecting tradition. Especially in design. Thanks to our technological skills, on which we rely heavily, we have created very special products. We are looking for thrills. The important thing is to start from the idea of uniqueness. A good project is born because you have internalized the project and worked on something unique. We are looking for thrills. The important thing is to start from the idea of uniqueness".

    Federico Palazzari, began his military training at the Morosini Naval Academy in Venice, and then moved to the Sapienza University of Rome where he concentrated on law studies. After his studies, he joined the management of the well-known Cassina / Frau company as CEO. Since 2012, he has also been in charge of Nemo Lighting as CEO both for Italy, the United States and also for France, where the well-known Italian lighting company has offices. For this company he designed a family of suspension, floor and wall lamps called Ellisse. With an eclectic vision but with a dynamic balance, it aims at great ambitions for the future.

Products by Federico Palazzari