• WK FK 013 611701Cf61
  • WK FK Tadeo 0031 H 16 9 80Ae927c5b (1)
  • WK House Of Solverino Milan Italy 0002 3 4 D5d934e4c3
  • WK Headoffice Mono 3400 0014 H 0Bd94a2beb
  • WK Exec V 0012 H 3 2 61Fae10e94
  • WK Classic Edition FK 0001 H 16 9 F59d196e1a
  • WK FK 0032 H 3Cfb6a0b97
  • WK FK 0031 H 1B151407d6
Matisse Walterknoll Fabricius Fkbucket Armchair 2

FK Bucket Armchair

Preben Fabricius
Walter Knoll
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The FK bucket seat is international design history, a beacon of modernity, a pioneer of minimalism. Designed at the end of the 1960s by Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm, the fine lines and clear contours are as compelling today as they ever were. The armrests seem to be beckoning – inviting us with open arms. The bucket provides ample protection, the leather oozes warmth and comfort. A design icon with soft upholstery. As reticent as it is effective, it underscores both the lines and the coziness. The perfect sketch, supplemented with long-lasting comfort.
Also available in the Modern Icons Black Edition with matt-black frame and soft seat pad. Discover the complete Modern Icons Black Edition here

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