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Gea Outdoor Pendant

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  • Product Finishes

    Painted Stainless Steel White

    Painted Stainless Steel Mesh - white

    Painted Stainless Steel Beige

    Painted Stainless Steel Mesh - beige

    Painted Stainless Steel Gris

    Painted Stainless Steel Mesh - gris

    Painted Stainless Steel Taupe

    Painted Stainless Steel Mesh - taupe

  • Product Details

The pendant light from the Gea collection (GE04) emits a soft and enveloping light, which is distributed evenly over the entire body.


Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Alvarez is a designer, craftsman and artist. He likes to define himself as a creator, a concept that he synthesises all of the above and with which he feels more comfortable and recognised.

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Arturo Alvarez

Lamps with avant-garde and contemporary designs. Through the transformation of high durability sustainable materials, we can customise our designs and turn them into masterpieces.

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