• Giovanni Azzarello was born in Reggio Calabria; living and working in Milan.

    As a child, she had very clear ideas about her future: She wanted to express herself artistically in various ways, for this reason I has sent to the many faces of art : graphics, painting, and fine architecture and design. 

    "I never separated the figure of ‘architect from that of the designer, overlapping professions that are part of a single design discipline and ideological a meaningful relationship with a unified vision of the areas of intervention design in keeping with the tradition of the Milanese school of Gio Ponti."

    After her qualifications as a graphic and visual designer, at the age of 23 she graduated in architecture at the Politecnico of Milan, and at the same time, she opened her studio in Milan. Initially, it was primarily concerned with industrial design and collaborations with some newspapers.

    Important was her commitment to the redevelopment of the design to use expanded, using advanced technologies both structural and aesthetic. Hence the venture in 1994 with the “Flou” who shared this ambitious goal. She has collaborated with many international companies in the design world. For some of these, she also acts as the artistic director. Her professional building efforts relate to redevelopment restoration, and renovation of commercial spaces, private and public building. From 2014, she has been part of the list of CTU Of Milan Court to n.13151, and also carries CTP verifications. 

    This commitment complements a professional course that extends across all project areas, both in design and in construction where, thanks to a versatile creativity, always manages to express and demonstrate this professional career with enthusiasm and determination.

Products by Giovanna Azzarello