• Giuliano Cappelletti was born in Cantù, he is an only child, born into a craft-driven family. 

    He attended the “Istituto Statale d’Arte of Cantù”, then took his degree at Politecnico of Milan. Growing up, he was surrounded by an environment of projects, drawings, design and furniture settings. His father had a furniture’s production company, allowing him the opportunity to converse with famous architects who fascinated him, influencing his decisions in both academics and professions.

    At 21 years old, he moved to Milan, to gain experience in work and study, by living within the city's interesting society. During his studies, he decided to open his studio and began to have his first relationships with companies in the design sector; a fundamental experience which was very important to him furthering his knowledge within the production process and the use of new materials.

    The studio has now expanded into of product design, architecture, and interior design.
    In 2010, he opened a studio in Shanghai with some partners working in the architectural and contract fields.

Products by Giuliano Cappelletti