• Guilherme Torres is one of the most prestigious and awarded names of his generation, Neo Modernist for some, above labels for others.

    His São Paulo studio for the world, develops projects in the most most diverse areas and scales, from architecture to design, from graphic to production and set design, totally grounded by originality. His work balances a rigorous contemporary aesthetic with an irreverent interior design, painted by his production of authorial furniture. 

    Founded in 2001, Studio Guilherme Torres develops projects in the most diverse areas, from architecture to design. This company is personified in the figure of its founder, a perfectionist. ​Minimal details and palettes of rich but reserved materials that characterize his work are consistently applied in single-family homes, interior projects and retail projects.

    A certain playful lightness can be found in the interior design of your projects. The crisp shapes and subtle surfaces provide a suitably quiet backdrop to the lively furniture inside, while carefully planned spaces benefit from astute attention to natural light. Suspended volumes and few but notable lines are its trademarks that seek, in his projects, to investigate the limits of materials.  

Products by Guilherme Torres