• Laura Fiaschi, born in Carrara, 1977 is a designer and graphic designer in partnership with architect Gabriele Pardi, born in Viareggio, 1966.

    Gumdesign deals with architecture, industrial design, graphics, and art direction for companies and events. Among their clients are AntonioLupi, Venice Biennale, Bormioli Rocco, Colle Vilca, De Castelli, De Vecchi Milano 1935, Fiat, F.lli Guzzini, Friul Mosaic, Invicta, Lagostina, Lavazza, Martinelli Luce, Max&Co, Mercedes-Benz, Museo Pecci, Nastro Azzurro, Red Bull Italia, San Pellegrino, Serafino Zani, Styl'Editions, Swarovski Italia, Triennale di Milano, Yoox.

    Since 2008 they have followed the creative direction of "Cambiovaso" for the Upgroup company which involved 30 international designers; they are also art directors and members of the editorial board of Bau, container of contemporary culture. They follow the creative direction of the Styl'Editions brand from October 2018 and the AntonioLupi corporate image from January 2020.

    They are active in the university sector with open lessons, workshops and collaborations with the Free University of Bolzano, the Cried of Milan, the IED of Florence and Rome, the University of Pisa and the Celsius of Lucca, the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa, and the Faculty of Engineering of Trento. Since 2017 they have been coordinators and teachers of the first Master in Design - Innovation and Product for High Craftsmanship at the IED Florence.

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