• Johan Lindstén was born in 1981 in the heart of ‚Möbelriket’, the furniture kingdom of Sweden.

    Profiting from a vast knowledge about the industry at an early age he successfully graduated in the program of furniture design in Stockholm in 2008, leading to the establishment of the independent Design Studio Johan Lindstén Form.

    Due to his very personal approach to express his emotions and thoughts by forming them into unique physical objects, his design soon set himself apart. Launching several interesting and diverse products including furniture, lamps and sound absorbers, limited editions has been sold and is exposed in museums such as Nordiska, Sweden’s largest collection of cultural history.

    Enjoyed by a broad clientele Johan’s objects are mostly appreciated for their narrative appearance and unexpected details. By bonding with the user in a very personal and sensual way his design is able to enlighten the state of mind and make the surrounding environment more beautiful and joyful.

    Lindstén Form cooperates with many renowned companies of the industry, such as Cappellini, Johanson, RocheBobois, FotnanaArte, Gärsnäs and Gallery Pascale.

Products by Johan Lindstén