• Barcelona born Jordi Badía & Otto Canalda are esteemed designers of office and work productions. They are well known for creating the Binaria Stool, in collaboration. 

    Otto Canalda was born in Barcelona in 1977. He is an exception among the young designers because he preferred to start in the profession of food industry, which is where projects are cooked.

    Jordi Badía, also born in Barcelona, in 1959, was influenced since childhood by Supermarionation the TV series "Supercar", "Thunderbirds", the film "2001: a Space Odyssey" and Olivier Mourgue furnishings and Eero Saarinen, he studied medicine, specializing in stomatology.

    Today, they are responsible for designing the renowned Binaria Stool, and office furniture chair that is used in workplaces and space around the world. The chair, manufactured by BD Barcelona is not simply a stool; it is a seat designed on well-researched medical principles.‎ It is highly recommended for any activity where you have to sit down, but at the same time, you are required to maintain specific mobility.

Products by Jordi Badía & Otto Canalda