• ROSELLI ARCHITETTI is an architecture studio founded in 1997 and involved in activities that can vary from the design planning and construction of buildings to the industrial design sector.

    The studio’s constant subject of study is a high-end design quality in all scales lead by the study of the close relationship between materials and new technologies and the mediation between craftsmanship and industrial production.

    The skills of ROSELLI ARCHITETTI include the design and construction planning of buildings and furnishings up to tender documentation including calculations and terms, administrative practice drafting support through the Kit Design Consortium of which the studio is sole manager ensuring the provision of all the technical engineering and MEP Engineering.

    The studio has a wide experience in the hospitality sector including interior space, outdoor spaces and the linking public spaces. The airport sector has been a subject of work since 2010 collaborating first with ADR Engineering and afterwards with SPEA Engineering. They have also specialized in architectural planning of hotels and resorts, the studio won in 2019 the contest for the construction of the new Club Med and TH Resorts at the Lido di Venezia. This same year the studio won also the Best Hotel & Tourism Resort MIPIM Award 2019 for the Club Med in Cefalù that was completed in 2018.

    Regarding the projects abroad the studio completed the landscape and architectural planning of a new resort on the Langkawi island in Malaysia and the schematic design and supervision of the design development on behalf of the Quatar Foundation of the construction documentation done by P&T Architects & Engineers, Student residence halls and university campus are designs and build by the studio and Fondazione Falciola and Fondazione CEUR since 2014. 

    The furniture design sector is approached by the studio in interior design projects of a wide range that vary from private homes to cinema foyer (Warner Village). Some Italian Design Companies have selected some of these products for industrial production. The studio developed a design philosophy for workspaces focused on new work methods such as smart working, work stations, flexible meeting areas and other new concepts, leading since 2015 to a collaboration with XOFFICE S.r.l. as a consultant for the office furnishings projects of Atlantia (Via Nibby), Luiss (Villa Blanc) and Alitalia (Palazzina Bravo).

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