• Marco Di Paolo's work is characterized by creativity, a keen sense of style and aesthetics, and the courage to rethink the familiar and dare something new.

    Their competence is based on their well-founded know-how as a draftsman and interior designer and, above all, on their many years of experience in the creation of high-quality interior and product designs as well as expressive shop fitting concepts in the premium segment.

    They develop holistic, timeless interior design concepts for customers, create an unmistakable, personal style for client's rooms, develop feasibility studies, create architectural visions or plan and accompany their conversion or new construction. In close cooperation with architects, landscape designers and specialized craftsmen, something unique is created.

    In addition, Marco Di Paolo have been designing furniture, furnishings and utensils for national and international brands such as Piega, Antonio Lupi, Electrolux and Eternit for over ten years. In addition to an independent design language and innovative functionality, the wishes and requirements of their customers are always at the center of their creation process, both in terms of interior architecture and product design.

Products by Marco Di Paolo