• After graduating from the Politecnico University of Milan with a degree in Industrial Design, Mario Ferrarini began practicing as a consultant for a number of renowned architecture, furniture and product design studios.

    In 2007, he opened his own studio first in Como and then in Lugano, Switzerland working alongside international companies on different projects ranging from industrial products, furniture and interior design as well as exhibition stand design.

    His studio works together with the client in the research and development of new products, giving companies a competitive edge by optimizing methods and resources. They create products that are timeless and transcend passing trends. Their target is finding long-lasting solutions for their clients with production aimed towards a large consumer market. They conduct detailed market research which ranges from product surveys to competitor and consumer analysis. The studio studies the use of innovative materials and work towards optimizing the clients’ production process.

    It is very important for Mario Ferrarini to work in close contact with all the various departments within our clients’ companies in order to understand individual needs, capture the different concepts and translate them into the final product. The outcome is the result of a fusion of shared ideas, experiences and collective brainstorming.

    Ferrarini believes balance is a principle goal in his global concept. The studio's products are a result of the technical, aesthetic and functional solutions they use in designing them. They aim for perfection, with the subtlety that defines their approach, attitude and orientation, and is one of his distinguishing features.

Products by Mario Ferrarini