Matteo Thun Atelier

  • Matteo Thun Atelier is a collection of handmade, high-quality and customizable objects. Its a tribute to traditions, arts and crafts, materials and techniques - Made in Italy. 

    Each project has its own identity – the genius loci creates the architectural style. To build with the Genius Loci, to respect the soul of the place is what we do. We like a multicultural, holistic approach both in small- and large-scale projects. This interdisciplinary process focuses on aesthetic consistency, durability and the future lifespan of our buildings and products.

    "Only if you dare to do something new, to cross borders, you can experience new knowledge“. This is the driving energy of Matteo Thun’s work. The Milan-based architect and designer was born and raised in the bilingual German and Italian speaking region of South Tyrol, Italy. Following his studies with Oskar Kokoschka and Emilio Vedova at the Salzburg Academy he graduated cum laude with a degree in Architecture from the University in Florence. He co-founded the ‘Memphis’ group in Milan in 1981 with Ettore Sottsass and opened his own studio in Milan in 1984. 

Products by Matteo Thun Atelier