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Mettsass Table

Ettore Sottsass
BD Barcelona
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    One of Sottsass first designs for BD, the "Mettsass" has lost none of the personality with which Sottsass designed it for BD some 40 years ago, in 1972.

    Ettore Sottsass' designs try to fulfil their primary function well, in this case, it's a dining table, but also loaded with functions that are not obviously utilitarian, related to memory, emotion and magic. The table's glass top can be tinted the same colour as the base, and extra weight can be added to the central support to improve stability if necessary. The original finish was flocked. The piece was reissued in 2012.


Ettore Sottsass

The designer, Ettore Sottsass, is a renowned Italian architect and designer who redefined everyday items with stunning bright colours and revolutionary contemporary style.

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BD Barcelona

BD Barcelona Design is the Spanish company with the highest international prestige in design. What, in its foundation in 1972 was an expression of almost insolent rebellion by a group of young, unsatisfied architects, soon became a productive philosophy with a mission to break moulds, even commercial ones.

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