• Born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1956. Graduated from Tama Art University’s Product Design Department in 1980. In the same year, he joined Seiko Epson, where he was responsible for advanced development design.

    He went independent in 2003 and established NAOTO FUKASAWA DESIGN. Currently, Fukasawa designs for a wide range of leading brands worldwide as well as consulting and designing for local Japanese companies. His designs span a wide variety of fields, from precision electronic equipment to furniture, interior spaces and architecture.

    Fukasawa is well-recognized for his designs - which are imbued with a quiet power that embodies peoples’ hopes and expectations - as well as his design philosophies. Conveying them using such terms as “design dissolving in behavior”, “center of consciousness”, “normality”, “outline” and “archetype”, he continues to put these philosophies into practice in his designs.

    Fukasawa is the curator of The Japan Folk Crafts Museum. He is a professor in the Integrated Design Department at Tama Art University.  He has been accorded the title of Royal Designer for Industry (Royal Society of Arts). He was awarded the Isamu Noguchi Award in 2018.

Products by Naoto Fukasawa