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Bdbarcelona Cortes Olvidada Pendant Clear

Olvidada Pendant

Pepe Cortés
BD Barcelona
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Pepe Cortés designed this linestra lamp in 1976, but was forgotten about in a drawer until BD recuperated it and put it into production in 1984. Its name Olivdada (meaning forgotten) comes from these circumstances. More than 40 years after, this design remains just as current as on its first day. It’s available in a black cable option or a copper tube finish.

Steel structure and lamp holder nucleas with a brass scotch polished finish.


Pepe Cortés

Pepe Cortés was born in Barcelona in 1946. He studied architecture at the Eina Design School, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona, where he would later teach himself.

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BD Barcelona

BD Barcelona Design is the Spanish company with the highest international prestige in design. What, in its foundation in 1972 was an expression of almost insolent rebellion by a group of young, unsatisfied architects, soon became a productive philosophy with a mission to break moulds, even commercial ones.

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