• Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd met at the Royal College of Art in 1991 and work together out of a shared interest in bridging the gap between the culture of furniture making and the growing complexities of a globalized world.

    Their partnership acknowledges the collaborative nature of design both within their studio, Pearson lloyd, and with their clients.

    They are passionate about the act of making products, services and spaces that are functional, beautiful and efficient and that serve equally the needs of their clients, their users and society. The foundation of the studio’s work lies in a continuous process of making sense of the world. Rapid and continuous change in all aspects of their lives demands that their work be informed by both understanding and curiosity.

    Pearson Lloyd believes that design is a joint enterprise. They are a team of thinkers and practitioners who make together – within their studio and with their clients and users – to create products and services that are relevant and transformational. Users, technologists, engineers, thinkers, makers all come together in the act of making. They cherish these partnerships.

Products by Pearson Lloyd