• Pepe Cortés was born in Barcelona in 1946. He studied architecture at the Eina Design School, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona, where he would later teach himself.

    After his studies he founded the "Open Design Group" in the early 70s together with other artists and designers. During this time, some of Cortés most remarkable works were created. In the following decades, Cortés was responsible for one of the most representative interior design works in Barcelona. He designed the new offices of the port of Barcelona, the exhibition space of "Daniel Hechter", numerous restaurants, shopping areas and much more.

    In the meantime he has left Barcelona, moved his studio, his home to the countryside and dedicated his latest projects to the restoration of farmhouses.

    Among its many interior design projects there were restaurants like "Azulete" and "Skylight," the Caixa Forum Museum is a tent, the office chair SabadellAtlantico Bank exposures to the Generalitat de Catalunya as well as many decoration shops.

Products by Pepe Cort├ęs