• PHOENIX is a design and innovation studio that creates experiences that touch people - today for tomorrow - always driven by Logik, Moral und Magie.

    Phoenix Design is one of the world’s top locations for industrial and product design. Their team of over 70 designers in Stuttgart, Munich and Shanghai stands for excellent design - as confirmed by over 900 design awards since their founding in 1987 as well as the 1st place design studio in the iF World Design Index. The classic product designers select modern, clean lines. In the tradition of the Bauhaus style, their work always focuses on the user. Their credo is based on the three factors of function, design and comfort in order to guarantee the perfect user experience. Their creations include office chairs, gymnastics equipment, smartphones and even service robots, along with bathroom mixers.

    Phoenix Design has been a Hansgrohe design partner for 30 years now, and a design partner of the AXOR brand for more than 20 years. Together, they are considered pioneers of bathroom design.

    PHOENIX makes the often foggy future visible and tangible for its partners, accompanying them from idea to market success. They are convinced, that economic success and social progress are the consequence of a deep understanding of people, their needs and desires. Their mission is to develop sensual product experiences that are enriching for users and their personal wellbeing.