• Experiential objects that elicit joy & defy convention.

    Designed for public and private spaces, every product is informed by a deep fascination in the layered experiences that exists between object and self.This experiential understanding combined with a unique outlook on form and function underpins each collection.

    Ross Gardam® products are hand-crafted in Melbourne, Australia, by local artisans and manufacturers with an unrivalled level of finish and expertise. The studio’s methodology combines innovative technology with traditional craft, resulting in products imbued with subtle historical and ritualistic references. This closeness to the maker and understanding of material is central to the obsessive process of development involved in every Ross Gardam™ product. Ross Gardam® products are designed to endure, each product being the output of our high calibre, ethical Australian manufacturing process.

    To maintain this, high quality standards apply to everything we do, from ideation and design, material selection and manufacturing through to packaging and owner support. Each of our lighting pieces is meticulously assembled, wired and packaged in our Melbourne based studio with the upmost care. All our lighting products utilise the most contemporary energy efficient technologies and our upholstered products carry EcoSpecifier™ certification.