• Sebastian Desch is a Head of the in-house Designteam of the TEAM 7. The products he designed varies from kitchen and living room furniture to home office items.

    Sebastian Desch’s designs are characterised by harmonious proportions and a timeless appeal. He aims to create pieces that are suited to their material and make the most of its features. His enthusiasm for wood and  craftsmanship is the foundation of his work – or more accurately, of his passion. The fine details of his designs show his masterly understanding of traditional craft skills, but are never purely for superficial decoration – they   form a stylistically coherent part of a simple and elegant design language, full of emotional warmth. And this hits the mark: In recent years, as head designer at TEAM 7, he has achieved international recognition with numerous well-known design awards like iF DESIGN AWARD, Red Dot Award, BIG SEE Award, GREEN GOOD DESIGN Award.

Products by Sebastian Desch