• Simone Sabatti was born in Lima, Perù in 1990, and there he made his first steps towards his passion for design; living in contact with people working for the association Artesanos Don Bosco.

    In 2013, he graduated in Industrial Design. Shortly after that, Sabatti obtained a masters in 3D Visualization in Rome. He then went on to spend a few months in Baltimore, cooperating as a designer for the no profit association Artesanos Don Bosco, where he learned the secrets of high quality woodcraft.

    In 2016, he had the opportunity to work for the esteemed fashion brand of Gucci in Milan, collaborating in the creation of their special project’s window layouts for the flagship stores from Paris to Tokyo.

    Nowadays, Simone Sabatti can be found working alongside the designer Paolo Cappello. Together, they collaborate, design, and develop stunning store interior layouts for Calzedonia Group. They are well known for their creation of the  Ozz range of lamps for Italian furniture brand Miniforms.