• Slide’s main goal is to bring the Made-in-Italy quality, creativity and design culture to all over the world. 

    The company developed these concepts and created a real vision, whose main features are surprise and brightness.

    The company vision works with the aim of the countless potentialities of the material: low-density linear polyethylene processed according to a zero-emission process. All Slide products are 100% recyclable and some of the catalogue colors are recycled too, such as Jet Black, Elephant Grey, Chocolate Brown and Mahogany Leather. Slide uses the virtuous concept of the circular economy: every product can be used infinite times. Every company creation can turn again into plastic powder that will give life to a new product. Choosing Made in Italy means making an ethical choice, where the ideas are thought and realized in the same place. Choosing SLIDE products means supporting amazing sustainable quality design available to everyone.


Products by Slide