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Artek Trolley

Tea Trolley 901

Alvar Aalto
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  • Dimensions

  • Materials

    Light Version 
    Frame: birch, natural lacquered.
    Top tray: cream linoleum.
    Bottom tray: white laminate.
    Wheels: cream lacquer with white
    rubber ring.

    Dark Version:
    Frame: birch, black lacquered.
    Top tray: peat linoleum.
    Bottom tray: charcoal linoleum.
    Wheels: peat lacquer with black
    rubber ring.

The tea trolley was inspired by British tea culture, which Aino and Alvar Aalto had become acquainted with though their many travels, as well as by the Japanese woodwork and architecture they admired. With a frame composed of two birch lamella loops, Tea Trolley 901 features two shelves and a solid birch handle. Twin wheels, in combination with the lightweight quality of birch, mean the trolley can be easily manoeuvred and parked at will. Over the years, numerous variations of the Tea Trolley have been produced. Dutch designer and colour expert Hella Jongerius delved into Artek’s archives to offer her own take on one of Alvar Aalto’s most cherished products. Her subtle interventions resulted in a light and a dark version of the trolley, which play with the shifting light on the product’s upper and lower trays.


Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto is a Finnish pioneer of modern architecture and design, embracing almost all key public institutions - town halls, theatres, churches, libraries and universities - as well as standardized housing and private homes.

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“To sell furniture and to promote a modern culture of living by exhibitions and other educational means.

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