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Arturoalvarez Alvarez Tempovivace Pendant Clear

Tempo Vivace Pendant

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  • Product Finishes

    Painted Stainless Steel White

    Painted Stainless Steel Mesh - white

    Painted Stainless Steel Beige

    Painted Stainless Steel Mesh - beige

    Painted Stainless Steel Taupe

    Painted Stainless Steel Mesh - taupe

    Painted Stainless Steel Gris

    Painted Stainless Steel Mesh - gris

  • Product Details

Tempo is a pendant lamp collection made with painted stainless steel mesh. This material, crafted in fine pleats, forms two overlapped layers that create two different lamps full of dynamism. Andante and Vivace, two liveliness shapes born from one. The representation of two instants generated by the same movement at a different tempo.


Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Alvarez is a designer, craftsman and artist. He likes to define himself as a creator, a concept that he synthesises all of the above and with which he feels more comfortable and recognised.

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Arturo Alvarez

Lamps with avant-garde and contemporary designs. Through the transformation of high durability sustainable materials, we can customise our designs and turn them into masterpieces.

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