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Tobi-Ishi Special Edition

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In its ten years of life, the Tobi-Ishi table has become a true icon of international design. In all its variations, it retains the strongly sculptural feel defined by the three elements that compose it, inspired by the “flying stones” that dot the pools of water in Japanese gardens. This peculiar balance of solidity and lightness also appears in the new special edition made of strips of white Carrara and green Alpi marble with a very manual and sophisticated crafting technique, which requires slow and skillful processes, making it precious.


Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby

Internationally acclaimed designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby founded their London-based studio in 1996 after graduating from London’s royal college of art.

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B&B Italia

An extraordinary convergence of design and industry, the expression of a contemporary approach. People, ideas, places, projects and products are what make B&B Italia unique, now...

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