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Tufty Time Leather
Tufty Time Leather 1

Tufty Time Leather Sofa

Patricia Urquiola
B&B Italia
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The Tufty-Time sofa series, one of B&B Italia’s most consolidated successes, finds effective answers to the themes of modularity, comfort and removable covers. The Tufty-Time Leather modular system starts with an ottoman as the basic piece, which is then accompanied by central, corner and terminal elements with a low or high armrest. The elements are used to invent traditional sofas, sofas with chaise longue, corner sofas and island elements that provide a 360° seating solution. Cosy in its more accentuated depth, Tufty-Time Leather becomes a meeting place, a welcoming refuge where people can just relax. Tufty-Time Leather offers a more contemporary take on the traditional Chesterfield and capitonné sofas, with a freer and more informal lifestyle.


Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo (Spain) and now lives and works in Milan. She attended the faculty of architecture of Madrid Polytechnic were she graduated in 1989 having...

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B&B Italia

An extraordinary convergence of design and industry, the expression of a contemporary approach. People, ideas, places, projects and products are what make B&B Italia unique, now...

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