• Umberto Asnago has dedicated his working life to the world of design and planning.

    In 2006 Asnago, after having held important positions in Giorgetti Spa, completely committed himself to his role as a designer, becoming one of Penta’s historic names. Thanks to his vast experience and his refined creative toolbox, Umberto Asnago has been the creator of numerous iconic Penta collections.

    After graduating from the Art Institute of Cantù, he began his experience as a designer with Giorgetti S.p.A. in 1968, and later became director of the Centro Ricerche. In 2006 he left Giorgetti to work as a designer and creative consultant. In 2011 he returned to work with the company as a freelance designer of the Mobius collection. He was art director of the company Penta, for which he is also the exclusive light designer. He is currently art director and designer for I4 Mariani, and also works as a product designer for the companies: Arflex, Frigerio, Ivano Redalli, Medea Lifestyle, Orsenigo and Porada. He has also designed stands and showrooms for companies in the furnishing and fashion sectors.

    The experience gained in all these years, made up of collaborations with various companies, well-known architects and cultural figures, make Umberto Asnago a professional ready to face the rapid evolutions that characterize the furnishing sector.

Products by Umberto Asnago