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Olimpino Table

Ico Parisi
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Designed in 1955, the design of this table – a piece of furniture considered by Ico Parisi to be a central element in the home - accompanies the Maestro’s career and evolves with different materials and numerous variations for different private clients. The Olimpino table has a slender, bold and recognisable square section tubular metal frame made of two pairs of "Y" shaped uprights, whose upper inner arms converge to join under the top, while the outer arms diverge to block the rectangular plate of the top, in monolithic tempered glass, with a brass side stopper. The legs, thus paired, are strengthened with a double crossbar, also in metal, which opens near the sides and forms a double "V" shape. The solid wood arrow feet embellish the design, as do the large brass screws. The table is available in two sizes and one height.

Year of production: 2020 / Year of design: 1955


Ico Parisi

Domenico Parisi, nicknamed Ico, was born in Palermo on the 23rd of September 1916 to Sicilian parents who were living in the Piedmont region.

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Established in 1927 by Cesare and Umberto Cassina in Meda, Italy, Cassina launched industrial design in Italy in the 1950s, based on a totally innovative approach that marked the transition from artisan production to mass production. 

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